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        Textile Exhibition,Textile Machine Exhibition,Chemical Exhibition,
Digital Printing Exhibition,Energy Exhibition,
Textile Exhibition Pakistan,Gtex 39% Major International And Local Brands Have Already Booked In GTex 2021 Textile Machine Brand Expo In 5 Halls

        Marketing Services

        • GTex Textile Expo
        • GTex Garments Expo
        • GTex Brands Expo
        • GTex Home Textile Expo
        • GTex Yarn Expo
        • GTex Chemicals & Dyes Expo
        • GTex Digital Printing Expo
        • GTex Embroidery Machines Expo
        • GTex Paper & Print Expo
        • GTex Plastic, Food & Packaging Expo
        • GTex Energy & Power Expo
        • GTex Build & Establish Expo

        GTex Global B2B Exhibitors Space Booking Form



        Please reserve of




        Bare Space inside Halls minimum 18 sqm

        US $ 250 per sqm



        Shell Scheme Stall minimum 9 sqm

        US $ 300 per sqm


        In Catalogue Pavilion Cost Of Furnished Stall With Attendant Facility $ 999


        Outdoor Exhibit Space minimum 80 sqm

        US $ ? 75 per sqm



        **Value Added Tax (VAT) of 15% shall be applicable on all sales



        Name :




        Email :  


        Subject :  


        Designation :  


        Company :  


        Cell No :  


        Postal Address :  


        Area Of Work :  


        Other Information

        Mujib Siddiqui





        The Booking Is Being Made On First Come Fisrt Served Basis As Per Availability of Space As The Major International And Local Brands Have Already Booked
        Once the B2B Visitor is in contact, the visa formalities will be processed.