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        Textile Exhibition,Textile Machine Exhibition,Chemical Exhibition,
Digital Printing Exhibition,Energy Exhibition,
Textile Exhibition Pakistan,Gtex 61% Major International And Local Brands Have Already Booked In GTex 2020 Textile Machine Brand Expo In 5 Halls

        Marketing Services

        • Textile Exhibition
        • Trade Fair Exhibition
        • Digital Printing Exhibition
        • Gtex Textile Machine Exhibition
        • Gtex Textile Machine Exhibition
        • GTex Textile Expo
        • GTex Garments Expo
        • GTex Brands Expo
        • GTex Home Textile Expo
        • GTex Yarn Expo
        • GTex Chemicals & Dyes Expo
        • GTex Digital Printing Expo
        • GTex Embroidery Machines Expo
        • GTex Paper & Print Expo
        • GTex Plastic, Food & Packaging Expo
        • GTex Energy & Power Expo
        • GTex Build & Establish Expo

        GTex Textile Machine Exhibition Visitor Profile !

        Gtex Textile Machine Exhibition is the Regions only integrated textile and garment manufacturing B2B technologies Expo that encompasses the entire production chain from:


        • Gtex Textile Machine Exhibition Manufacturers, distributors, importers, exporters, buyers, sellers, traders, retailers, factory and store owners, mechanical engineers, dealers, specialists, merchants, professionals in
          • All types of textiles, fabrics and fibres
          • Textile and garment machinery for all levels and processes of textile and garment making
          • Raw materials used in the production of textiles, belts, shoes, bags, outdoor gear, sportswear, undergarment, luxury wear for all ages, table linens, carpets, mats and etc
          • Textile and garment auxiliaries, accessories and spareparts
          • Textile solvents, solutions, chemicals, dyes and soaps
          • Textile and garment machinery oils, creams, cleaning agents and etc
          • Textile and garment finishings
          • Mattresses, quilts, cushions and bedding
        • Textile waste management professionals
        • Fashion and textile designers
        • Government bodies
        • Textile and garment associations
        • Fashion designers, home/interior furnishing designers and professionals
        • Textile and garment publications, business journals, home furnishing and lifestyle/fashion magazines
        • Fashion, design, mechanical and technical training/educational institutions
        • Business and manpower consultants for textile, garment & machinery.
        • Software producers and designers
        • Textile and garment catalogue makers and textile toy makers
        • Cloth, clothes & textile retail, chain store, boutique owners and operators
        • Textile Exhibition , Chemical Exhibition , Trade Fair , Digital Printing Exhibition , Gtex Textile Exhibition


        Note: The Booking Is Being Made On Frist Come First Served Basis as per Availablity of Space